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Neumann MT 48 audio interface revealed

Expands on Merging Technologies' Anubis

Neumann MT 48 Merging Technologies desktop audio interface ADAT AES67 S/PDIF touchscreen

Neumann have announced the launch of their first ever audio interface, the MT 48. Based on the Merging Anubis (a result of Merging Technologies joining the Sennheiser Group), the device adds USB and ADAT connectivity to the acclaimed design, features a new user interface and boasts some impressive specifications that Neumann say set a new benchmark in audio quality.


The MT 48 is equipped with four analogue inputs, with the first two channels accepting either microphone or line-level inputs via a pair of XLR/TRS combo sockets, and the remaining two capable of being used as either line-level or instrument inputs via two front panel quarter-inch TRS sockets. Four analogue line-level outputs are provided on the device’s rear panel, with the first pair employing XLR connectors and the second available on quarter-inch TRS sockets.

There are then two headphone outputs on the front panel, each of which utilises a powerful amplifier and features an ultra-low output impedance that the company say will happily drive any headphones to their peak performance. In terms of digital connectivity, a pair of Toslink connectors offer either ADAT or S/PDIF I/O, and an RJ45 socket provides AES67 I/O.

Another pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets are also present, and can be configured to serve as MIDI inputs and outputs, or GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) sockets which can be used for tasks such as connecting a footswitch or providing remote control of recording light indicators.

Neumann MT 48 rear panel I/O input output connectionsThe MT 48's rear panel.


An intuitive touchscreen interface provides control over all of the device’s key parameters, offering direct access to settings such as monitor mix levels and pan positions, with independent mixers provided for each of the interface’s stereo outputs. A Remote Control application and browser-based Web Control facility are also available, allowing the device to be controlled remotely from a computer or tablet if required.

The MT 48 also boasts a range of onboard DSP effects, including EQ, dynamics processors and reverb, with Neumann’s Dual Output Technology allowing users to record pre- and post-effects signals simultaneously.

“The MT 48 represents a major step forward for Neumann. By adding Merging Technologies’ expertise in A-D / D-A conversion and digital audio to Neumann’s deep knowledge in microphones and monitoring, we have created a product that is truly exceptional in terms of sound quality, functionality and ease of use.” - Sebastian Schmitz, Portfolio Manager, Neumann

Key Specs

Microphone Inputs

  • Gain Range: +78 dB in 0.5 or 0.1 dB steps
  • Dynamic Range: 136 dB-A
  • Equivalent Input Noise (150 Ohm): -128 dBu-A
  • Pad: 12 or 24 dB
  • THD+N (Preamp & A-D) at 1 kHz, 0 dBFS: < -110 dB (0.0003%)

Line Inputs 1/2

  • Gain Range: +66 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 138.5 dB-A
  • THD+N (Preamp & A-D) at 1 kHz, 0 dBFS: < -105 dB (0.0006%)
  • Maximum Input Level: +24dBu

Line/Instrument Inputs 3/4

  • Gain Range: +66 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 135 dB-A
  • THD+N (Preamp & A-D) at 1 kHz, 0 dBFS: < -105 dB (0.0003%)
  • Maximum Input Level: +18dBu

Line/Monitor Outputs

  • Dynamic Range: 123 dB-A
  • THD+N (Preamp & A-D) at 1 kHz, 0 dBFS: < -105 dB (0.0003%)
  • Maximum Output Level: +24dBu

Pricing & Availability

The MT 48 will be on display at NAMM 2023, and will be available to purchase worldwide within a few weeks for $1850€1995.

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