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Neumann release NDH 30 headphones

Open-Back model joins Neumann’s product range

Neumann NDH 30 open-back headphones

Neumann have announced the release of the NDH 30, an open-back headphone that follows on from the success of their award-winning NDH 20 closed-back model. Aiming to reproduce the linear sound image of their loudspeaker range, Neumann say this latest model is a reference-class studio headphone that has been designed for the most demanding mixing applications, both in stereo and immersive formats.

The NDH 30 retains the high-quality metal construction of the NDH 20, but the entire acoustic system is a completely new design, including optimised and perfectly positioned dynamic drivers that the manufacturer say rival the sonic resolution of planar magnetic transducers. Harmonic distortion is claimed to be very low, with the headphones exhibiting a remarkably even response across the entire audio spectrum thanks to the use of frequency selective absorbers. They also feature large, soft ear pads to ensure comfort during long mixing sessions, and a foldable design allows for easy transportation.

Neumann say the NDH 30 will be available in May 2022, with a list price of $649649 Euros.

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