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New Acousticas Impulse Response library

The Lexicon 300 lives again!
Acousticas have released a library of Impulse Responses taken from the Lexicon 300 reverb, the predecessor of the widely used Lexicon 480. The collection is made up of 140 raw impulses, which can be used by convolution reverb processors to accurately recreate the sound of the original device.

The impulses range from 0.1 seconds to a staggering 64.1 seconds in length, and are grouped into three different categories: the factory settings from the unit; a collection of the Acousticas engineers’ favourite algorithms; and a basic algorithm with different reverb tail lengths (RT60 values). It comes with presets for NI Kontakt, Logic’s Space Designer, McDSP’s Revolver, Waves IR1 & Q-Clone and Audioease Altiverb 6, although Revolver and IR1 are only able to process impulses of five or seven seconds respectively, so won’t be able to take full advantage of the longer impulses. The raw impulses will work with any convolution processor.

In the past, Acousticas have released a library of impulses of the classic EMT 245 digital reverb processor, and they were planning to release a library of Manley Massive Passive EQ impulses. However, development of the latter has been suspended on the request of the manufacturer.

The legitimacy of impulse response libraries is still under debate; effectively the act of purchasing a device gives the owner the right to use its sound, but the question of whether the act of 'sampling' the algorithms from a processor violates the copyright of the manufacturer is something of a grey area.

For further details on Acousticas’ Lexicon 300 library, and to download the collection, which costs $69 (£46 at the time of writing), head to the Acousticas web site.

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