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New for old

Newmann tube mic boasts the best of both worlds
After becoming frustrated at spending large sums of money and time purchasing and maintaining vintage microphones, musician and producer Steve Bull decided to design and build his own, using a combination of modern technology and vintage design to realise his goal.

The result is the Newmann Retro, a microphone reminiscent of vintage ‘lollipop’ mics, which Steve claims has “tube warmth, clarity and character”, but which costs £495: “less than the cost of a service for a vintage mic”.

The Newmann Retro uses modern components and is assembled manually. Each mic is hand-tuned and supplied in a flightcase with a sturdy shockmount and a power supply. The mic has switches on the body to select the polar pattern (omni, figure-of-eight or cardioid), and also to engage a 10dB pad and a high-pass filter.

An integral pop-shield adds a classy touch, but is also a very practical addition when the mic is used with vocalists. For further information, head over to Newmann’s web site.

Newmann +44 (0)1323 730226

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