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New plug-in bundles from NoiseAsh Audio

New channel strip, Motown & Baxandall EQ collections

NoiseAsh Audio Prestige Racks analogue emulation channel strip plug-in

NoiseAsh Audio have recently added three new bundles to their collection of processing plug‑ins. Prestige Racks offers an analogue-style channel strip loaded up with eight different modules, whilst Motone Pro and Backs Pro provide the company’s take on a selection of sought-after EQ units.

Prestige Racks

Prestige Racks brings the 500-series concept into the DAW, housing eight dedicated processing modules which can be easily moved around and patched in different orders. Preamp duties are taken care of by Satura Amplifier, which models the sound of vintage valve gear and offers variable Drive and Even (harmonics) controls, along with two switchable valve models and low- and high-pass filters. S4G then offers some dynamic control based on the channel compressor of an SSL G-Series console, whilst Tamer provides an advanced de-esser equipped with three different filter types and attack and release controls that extend its use beyond tackling sibilance — the company say it can be used to remove almost any problematic frequencies.

Medley Equalizer manages to pack in emulations of a total of five different EQ designs. The low band offers the combined boost and attenuation controls of a Pultec design, whilst the low- and high-mid sections have been inspired by classic American consoles and can be switched into Parametric mode for some additional control. The high-frequency band is based on a classic Neve design, and finally, the company’s version of an ‘air’ band is provided in the form of a Sky knob. The module also features both low- and high-pass filters.

There are some effects thrown into the mix, too. Division Delay provides a comprehensive delay processor equipped with separate left and right channel Feedback parameters, low- and high-pass filters, switchable stereo/mono operation, tempo sync’ed or time-based delay settings and a variable drive control. In addition to its delay functionality, the module also boasts a built-in Ducking section. Division Reverb then comes loaded with Plate and Room reverb models and offers adjustable pre-delay, low and high EQ controls, low- and high-pass filters, and benefits from the same Ducking feature as it’s delay-focused sibling.

As well as taking care of the final level control, the plug-in’s master section also hosts an additional compressor, this time modelling the behaviour and sound of a valve-based optical design, along with a gate that is positioned at the start of the signal chain.

Motone Pro

NoiseAsh Audio Motone Pro Motown EQ emulation plug-in

The second bundle contains NoiseAsh Audio’s Motone EQ and Motone Pro EQ plug-ins, which offer the sound of the rare seven-band units used in Motown Studios. Both feature the same fixed-band design paired with high- and low-pass filters, and can be operated with either continuous or stepped controls. The Pro version then introduces additional features such as a Nuance Deviation System (NDS), which aims to better replicate the sound of analogue equipment by introducing subtle variations in the modelled signal path components, as well as frequency multiplier options, additional filter parameters and mid-side operation.

Backs Pro

NoiseAsh Backs Pro Baxandall EQ emulation

The company’s Backs EQ and Backs Pro EQ form the final bundle, providing users with two versions of their Baxandall-inspired plug-ins; as with the Motone, the two plug-ins offer the same core EQ model with differing feature sets. Backs EQ’s low and high bands each feature shelf filters with a Gain knob and a selection of frequency options, and are also equipped with high- and low-pass filters respectively. There is also a parametric mid band, and a Preamp switch with adjustable gain that introduces some valve-style saturation. the Pro variant extends the plug-in’s functionality with the same mid-side and NDS features as Motone Pro, and also adds a second mode for the Preamp section.


All three bundles are supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.9.5 and higher. They are available in VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions.

Pricing & Availability

The bundles are available now, and are currently (23 October 2023) included in the company’s Halloween Sale. Prices are as follows:

  • Prestige Racks: $59.90 (usually $150)
  • Motone Pro:  $69.90 (usually $150)
  • Back Pro:  $49.90 (usually $140)

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