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Nonlinear Labs upgrade C15 firmware

Routing, modulation, and GUI improvements

Nonlinear Labs have announced the release of the third major update for their C15 synthesizer, greatly expanding the instrument’s sound design capabilities and delivering a range of improvements to the user interface.

The instrument’s Macro Controls feature can now be used to modulate almost all of the device’s parameters, with 185 modulation targets now available compared to the previous 95, and the ranges of 17 of those parameters have also been extended. A newly added Loop function allows Envelope C to behave as a polyphonic LFO, which is synchronised to key-presses and can be influenced by key tracking and velocity information. It is now possible to bypass the Feedback Mix Gate function and control Envelope C’s decay times via velocity. 

Effects functionality has also been updated, with single sounds now able to access a second effect group, with each group capable of being routed either in series, or in parallel. It is also possible to pan parts and effects groups and route them separately to the device’s left and right outputs, whilst an update to the routing capabilities of split sounds allows the output of one part to feed the input of another.

In addition to the modulation and routing enhancements, the Preset Search function in the C15’s GUI has been given a complete overhaul, and will now display all search results in a single list, and the system’s searching and sorting criteria have also been extended.

To find out more about the instrument itself, take a look at our in-depth C15 review from the January 2020 issue of SOS.


The latest version of the C15’s firmware is available to download now.

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