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Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 introduced

New three-way large-format monitors deliver the ‘big speaker’ sound for less

Targeted at studio owners who want a true main monitor system rather than a nearfield setup, but who can’t quite justify the cost of Ocean Way Audio’s flagship HR4S setup, the HR3.5 offers very similar performance at a significantly lower cost. It’s sold as a complete system, comprising a pair of three-way ported loudspeakers driven from rackmounting Class-D power amplifiers that deliver a scary 3400 Watts per channel. Ocean Way’s proprietary waveguide system gives the loudspeakers unusually wide and even dispersion in the horizontal plane, whilst dispersion in the vertical plane is only 40 degrees, minimising unwanted reflections from console surfaces and the like. The HR3.5 system can generate peak SPLs of up to 120dB, and is said to have a frequency response that is flat from 20Hz right up to 25kHz.

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