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RM1-B: ribbon revolution?

Ocean Way Audio push the envelope of ribbon-mic performance

One of the most eye-catching products on show at the AES Convention in Los Angeles was Ocean Way Audio’s RM1-B ribbon microphone which, they say, takes this venerable technology to new heights. Thanks to extensive research into magnet and polepiece design, OWA claim that the RM1’s long ribbon moves within a magnetic field that is twice as strong as that of any other ribbon mic. This yields greater sensitivity and a frequency response that apparently extends to 25kHz. An active, phantom-powered preamp circuit ensures a healthy output level, and Ocean Way founder Allen Sides reports that the new mic is not only perfect for traditional ribbon-mic duties such as horns and guitar cabinets, but that it also makes a vocal mic to rival OceanWay’s collection of vintage Neumann valve models. 

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