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Oeksound bring Soothe Live to Avid S6L platform

New plug-in for Avid digital console

Avid Oeksound Soothe Live

As a result of their recent collaboration, Oeksound introduce their Soothe Live plug-in exclusively to the Avid VENUE|S6L digital console. Soothe Live was designed with the reliability and response needed for routine professional use at live events.

The plug-in aims to address common problems in mixing live sound, including overly bright instruments, muddiness, proximity effect in vocals, and instrument bleed. The makers claim that it can remove extreme harshness, calm unwanted resonances and sibilance, offer control over bleed from instruments and help to achieve tonal balance across the frequency spectrum. As a plug-in designed for mixing live sound, Soothe Live works with ultra-low latency and can be used in real time.

Olli Erik Keskinen, Oeksound founder: Turning Soothe into a live plug-in has always been our goal, and we’re thrilled that our vision has come to fruition with the Avid VENUE | S6L platform as its host.

Soothe Live has been rearchitected to suit the VENUE | S6L live sound environment with an intuitive and responsive user interface optimized for the S6L system. It can also be used in the Pro Tools environment with an HDX card. Sound engineers can interact with Soothe Live in a way that best fits their workflows, using knobs on the control surface, a mouse, or the touch screen.

Avid Oeksound Soothe Live

Price & Availability

Soothe Live is available to all Avid VENUE | S6L owners currently on a support contract as a free one year authorisation. Avid say this offer will be extended to new S6L users in 2023.

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