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Orchestral Tools release Nocturne Violin for Kontakt

New addition to Soloists Series recorded at Teldex in Berlin

The Nocturne Violin is the latest virtual instrument from Orchestral Tools. Running in Kontakt, The Nocturne Violin is part of Orchestral Tools’ new Soloists Series and features a solo-style dynamic range with 14 different legato performances and a variety of different expressions and techniques. Recorded at Berlin’s Teldex Studio, the new instrument is said to work seamlessly alongside the existing Berlin Series, providing a more intimate, direct sound that places the soloist up close in front of the orchestra. With an extended version of Orchestral Tools’ innovative Adaptive Legato System on board, the Nocturne Violin promises to shine on slow emotional legato lines as well as fast detaché runs. It’s available now direct from Orchestral Tools, priced at 249 Euros.

This screencast gives some more information about the different articulations and the Adaptive Legato System of the Nocturne Violin.

To hear more of Nocturne Violin in action, check out Orchestral Tools' demo compositions:

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