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Polaris BT from Spitfire Audio

Orchestras recreating classic synths

Polaris BT from Spitfire Audio

Polaris from Spitfire Audio is a new sound library featuring a modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds. From the mind of Grammy-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer and technologist Brian Transeau (aka BT), Polaris is a mesmerising aural innovation which tastefully pairs the worlds of synthesis and orchestra, an encyclopaedia of new and inspiring sounds with almost endless possibilities.

Massive multi-layers of complex yet accessible organic string orchestral recordings, resampled using an array of classic and rare sampling synthesizers (Fairlight, EMU E-II and more), a cosmic collection of new string techniques has been specifically orchestrated to emulate electronic music production techniques. This sophisticated and eclectic sound library, performed by London's top tier contemporary players at renowned AIR Lyndhurst Hall, captures the future of blockbuster scoring.

BT's StudioBT's Studio.

BT, Spitfire and an amazing group of sound artists including BlankFor.MS, Deft Audio, Garth & Aric, resampled the organic and synth samples through classic and rare samplers including the EMU E-II, Fairlight (known for the Terminator 2 OST) and Ensoniq Mirage, as well as various cassette and VHS tape machines. Harkening back to the golden age of granular synthesis and inspired by films such as Terminator 2, Arrival, Logan’s Run, Blade Runner and Dr. Who, these interstellar sonics usher in an array of epic futuristic sounds with a firmly retro grounding.

The string techniques are available as organic techniques, the band (6,6,5,4,3) was arranged and recorded at AIR Studios Lyndhurst Hall, in a configuration complimentary to synth sounds, with basses, celli and viola in the middle, spreading violins wide left and right to achieve a unique tonality. On top of all this there is a stunning array of classic synths at your fingertips — deep samples from classics such as the Yamaha CS80, Prophet T8, Oberheim OB-Xa, Matrix 12, Jupiter 8, and Prophet-5.

Polaris is made up of three parts; the organic Strings Orchestra, Classic synths and Vintage Resampling including manipulated sounds via tape, VHS and more, offering endless possibilities for experimentation and customisation inside the EDNA engine as well as the new granular machine.

Polaris Features

  • A modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds
  • A massive multi-layering of complex synth sounds made accessible
  • Endless customisation sounds using eDNA engine
  • All-new Granular Delay Engine for further sonic discovery
  • 129 Articulations
  • 94 Articulations inc. the original string performances
  • 35 layered 'Synergy' patches for use in the eDNA engine
  • 421 Presets created by BT himself and the Spitfire Team
  • 54 a-tonal noise sources recorded by BT

10 Professional Signal Options

  • Super Close (KM84 / MKH40 - All desks summed)
  • Close (All desks summed)
  • Room (All desks summed)
  • Far (Amb + Gallery summed)
  • Stereo Pair (Rode stereo pair)
  • Boundary (Schoeps PZM)
  • Encode (Dolby A encode / Dolby SR decode)
  • Tape (2 Track run hot)
  • Tight Mix
  • Hall Mix

Brian Transeau BT (right) at AIR Lyndhurst.Brian Transeau BT (right) at AIR Lyndhurst.

Brian Transeau (BT) is a Grammy-nominated electronic music composer, software developer, DJ, and film composer; a hyper-focused, detail-obsessed INTJ. Collaborating with Spitfire Audio, BT has captured a sample of the orchestra that reflects the sounds composers have long reached for in use for media; successfully mixing organic strings and synth lines to create something otherworldly, something beyond the realm of our known universe.

Promo Period - 7th April 2022 - 28th April 2022
RRP Price: £299 / €349 / $439
Pre-order / Promo Period £229 / €269 / $269
Owners of BT Phobos - £199 / €229 / $229 (only during promo period)

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