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Reason Studios introduce Objekt

Customisable physical modelling software synthesizer

Reason Studio Objekt Physical Modelling Synthesizer

Reason Studios have released Objekt, an innovative open-ended physical modelling synthesizer. Objekt allows users to delve into the inner workings of physical modeling synthesis, transforming the sound properties of acoustic instruments into user-controlled parameters.

Objekt uses three resonating ‘objects’ which act as the instrument itself, where sounds ranging from strings and bells to drums and entirely new sounds are created. The next stage is the Exciter section, which serves to ‘play’ the instrument in any number of different ways, from a stick hit to noisy static. By fine-tuning the sound or making a few parameter adjustments, users can tailor Objekt to model real instruments or invent entirely new instruments. The synth engine generates sound in real-time without relying on pre-recorded samples, Reason saying that this lightweight approach ensures a fast and easily customisable experience that isn’t intensive on processing power.

Objekt includes 500 patches which cover a wide range of sounds and for even more inspiration the randomiser function offers instant variation, allowing users to lightly scramble patches or venture into entirely new sonic territory.

Users familiar with the Reason Rack workflow will recognise Objekt’s overall browsing experience, native undo functionality, CV and audio cables, and more. The synthesizer also offers the ability to connect any audio signal to the External Input, enabling users to input external sounds as exciters for Objekt's resonators.

Watch our Reason Objekt Video Report from Superbooth 2023 to learn more!

Pricing & Availability

Objekt requires Reason 10.1 or later and is available now as part of a Reason+ subscription or for £79$79 as a standalone rack extension.

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