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AJH Synth unveil MiniMod Keyz

Modular monosynth with vintage sound

AJH Synth MiniMod Keyz

AJH Synth have announced the release of the MiniMod Keyz, their new modular monosynth. The synth combines the Durham-based Eurorack module designers’ acclaimed MiniMod System modules, inspired by the classic Minimoog Model D, with additional features for expanded functionality. The instrument comes housed in a customised Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ keyboard controller/case, complete with vintage American walnut end cheeks.

The MiniMod Keyz is equipped with three discrete transistor core VCOs, two shaped sine sub-bass generators, a classic 24dB vintage ladder filter, high-pass filters, a cascaded VCA, dual contour generators, glide noise module, ring modulator and a tap-tempo VC-LFO for modulation. These modules have been assembled to faithfully recreate the vintage circuitry and sound of the early RA Moog Model D.

Boasting a full-size 49-note keybed, the MiniMod Keyz keyboard outputs pitch CVs, gate CVs, velocity, and aftertouch CVs. The controller also includes a versatile five-mode arpeggiator with swing control, a pitch bend range selector, octave switch, transpose function, clock input/output, multiple outputs, sustain pedal input, expression pedal input, and MIDI connectivity.

The MiniMod Keyz can function as a standalone keyboard synthesizer or seamlessly integrate into a Eurorack modular system. It allows for patching with other Eurorack modules and can be connected to a DAW or other MIDI instruments.


AJH Synth say the MiniMod Keyz is expected to be available soon, with more details yet to be announced.

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