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AJH Synth Envelope and Tap Tempo LFO modules

Two new stars from AJH Synth

AJH Synth Tap Tempo Multi Burst Envelope LFO Eurorack modules

UK-based synth manufacturer AJH Synth are probably best known as the company that brought uncompromised authentic vintage synth sounds and circuitry to Eurorack, and their modules have found their way into the hands of many A-list musicians and composers.  Now they have turned their hand to creating some unique modulation sources with their new Multi Burst Envelopes Module and the Tap Tempo VC-LFO, which are available with either Vintage Black or Silver faceplates.

AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelopes Eurorack moduleThe Multi Burst Envelopes is a 12HP wide module that can generate between one to 40 bursts of repeating envelopes which can either remain static or change over time. There is a choice of eight different envelope shapes, and the attack and decay time of these can be varied with the P-WIDTH control. The time between each envelope repeat can be changed with the RATE control, which acts like an LFO and can be changed in real time as a Burst Sequence is progressing. Alternatively, an external clock can be used to trigger the envelope repeats and a mix of internal and external clock control can be used to generate complex polyrhythms.

The SLOPE control allows Bursts to start quietly and build in level to maximum, or they can start at maximum level and then gradually reduce in amplitude as the Burst Sequence progresses. With the SLOPE control in the centre position all envelopes will be generated at maximum level. CV control of all functions is possible, and we can automate exactly how the envelopes vary over time to create “bouncing ball” and many other effects from this single module instead of the four or five modules and complex patching that this would normally require. The GATE output can be used to drive an external ADSR or complex envelope generators, and users are able to select one shot or retrigger modes and even use an external fast running clock for a constantly running Loop mode.

AJH Synth Tap Tempo LFO Eurorack moduleThe Tap Tempo VC-LFO is a 12HP wide complex LFO with a huge range of useful features including Tap Tempo and internal/external clock control. Sixteen different waveforms are available over two banks and an eight-way rotary switch and Bank switch allow easy waveform selection. The unique Waveform Twist function allows PWM-like duty cycle variation to be applied to the waveforms. The Multiply function can double, triple, quadruple or half the LFO rate, so that the modulation frequency can be varied but still be kept relative to the tempo of the track, also making it useful for creating ratcheting effects when used with a sequencer.

The modulation range is an impressive 0.05Hz (one cycle every 20 seconds) to 50Hz. Random stepped voltages and random sloped voltage outputs are also available, and these are clocked at the LFO rate. Voltage control is implemented for all functions, including waveform selection and exponential control of modulation frequency. Bipolar and Unipolar outputs are available simultaneously and the built in VCA allows easy control of the modulation level of both outputs. The Tap Tempo VC-LFO is truly a modulation powerhouse.

Both modules are available now and are each priced at £230.00 including VAT.

A review of the Multi Burst Envelopes Module will be appearing in the August issue of Sound On Sound magazine (on sale 21 July 2022).

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