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AJH Synth’s new Chance Delay module

Developed in collaboration with Ian Boddy

AJH Synth Tone Science Chance Delay Eurorack module trigger gate conversion

AJH Synth’s latest Eurorack module has been developed in collaboration with electronic musician and composer Ian Boddy, and has been designed around a unique concept that combines chance and randomness with pulse delay and conditioning capabilities.

The Tone Science Chance Delay is capable of functioning as a variable chance generator, as well as carrying out pulse stretching for trigger to gate conversion or pulse shortening for gate to trigger conversion. It can also act as a gate delay or sub-bass generator, and offers a ‘divide by n’ clock division feature, too. The module’s design was inspired by Boddy’s fascination with chance and randomness in his musical compositions, and aims to provide users with a simple way to determine the probability of trigger or gate signals being passed to the output, whilst offering a wealth of rhythmic experimentation options.

The module features a Chance control, which can be set anywhere between 0 and 100 %, determining the probability of incoming trigger or gate signals being passed on to its pulse generator circuit. A Delay knob can then be used to delay the module’s gate output by anywhere between 0.5ms and 30 seconds, whilst a Length control defines the width of the output pulse, and offers the same time range options as the Delay feature.

Setting the Length control to 0 enables a ‘gate pass through’ mode, which preserves the length of incoming gate signals whilst still allowing the Chance and Delay controls to affect pulse or trigger signals. A Trig button makes it possible to trigger a signal manually, but is also governed by the Chance control, so there’s the possibility of pressing the button and nothing happening!

As well as offering direct controls on the front panel, the module’s Chance, Gate Delay time and Pulse Length can all be controlled using external CV voltages. It occupies 8HP of space, measures 26mm deep (inclusive of its power connector) and draws 25mA from the positive rail, and 6mA from the negative.

Pricing & Availability

The Tone Science Chance Delay is available now, priced at £175 including VAT.

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