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Recording Secrets book updated

Content updated and new sections introduced

Recording Secrets for the Small Studio second edition home project studio advice techniques book

Focal Press have published a second edition of Recording Secrets For The Small Studio, the best‑selling book written by professional recording and mixing engineer and SOS contributor Mike Senior.

The book details how to achieve commercial-grade recordings in even the smallest of studios, applying techniques gathered from over 250 of the world’s most successful producers. Extensively updated and expanded, the second edition includes new sections on contact mics, software instruments, squash mics, and ensemble depth distortion.

To celebrate the launch, Focal Press are offering a 20% launch discount on the book until 31 January 2023, which can be redeemed by entering the code 'ESN22' at the following link:

In addition, those who purchase the book before 1 December 2022 will also gain access to a free Cambridge-MT Recording Secrets-themed online video course focusing on the more advanced ensemble-recording methods discussed in the book (the course would normally be priced at $65). An access code for the course can be obtained by emailing Hannah Rowe ( upon receiving the book.

The course comprises 70 minutes of fully-scripted video tutorials, showcasing five different real-world ensemble-recording case studies. For each recording setup, Mike explains the positioning of each of the microphones, showing how each individual one sounds, and then goes on to demonstrate how they can be combined at the mix stage. The course also includes links to detailed further reading for each case-study, as well as downloadable raw multi-tracks from the featured recording sessions, allowing course attendees to audition and mix the tracks for themselves.

We reviewed the first edition of the book for the May 2015 issue of SOS, click here to check it out.

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