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AES 2009: Focal CMS Sub

113dB of bass for CMS users
French manufacturers Focal are known for producing high‑quality active monitoring systems, and their CMS65 model received a good review in SOS April 2009. In order to give users of the smaller Focal CMS50 and CMS65 monitors a little more low‑end thump, Focal introduced the CMS Sub.

A front‑ported 300W active design with an 11‑inch ‘Polyglass’ cone, the CMS Sub can generate peak volumes of 113dB, down to a low frequency of 30Hz, which is enough to drive even the most understanding of neighbours to distraction.

The CMS Sub was thundering away in the Focal tent at AES this year, and could certainly be heard (or felt) a great distance away. Those who own CMS‑series speakers and mix in a sufficiently sizable and well‑treated room should consider giving the CMS Sub a try.

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