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Sanken Chromatic debut CU-51 dual-diaphragm mic

New cardioid vocal mic designed to maintain tonal character on and off axis

Sanken may not be a hugely well-known brand in the UK home studio market, but this Japanese mic manufacturer has a rich history. SOS Features Editor Sam Inglis finds out more at the AES show in LA, and also gets a quick preview of the brand new Sanken Chromatic CU-51.

Debuting at AES the new CU-51 cardioid condenser microphone is part of the Sanken Chromatic range of professional studio microphones. The CU-51's unique dual-capsule design provides an exacting cardioid pattern ideal for vocals and a wide range of musical applications. The ability to withstand extremely high SPLs ensures clean, distortion-free response when recording instruments with wide dynamics, claim Sanken. According to its makers, it also has a very low proximity effect.

The CU-51's specially designed double capsule has one diaphragm that is optimised for low frequencies, while the other one captures the higher frequencies. To achieve this overall wide dynamic response, the capsules are individually positioned within the body of the microphone. The unique capsule mounting arrangement guarantees phase coherency between the two capsules in a meticulously engineered microphone. The capsules are also designed to maintain uniform response in both on-axis and off-axis positions and Sanken say the mic is particularly suited to vocals.

The CU-51 is available now for $2090.

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