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sE Electronics release DM3 in-line DI

Compact DI features Dynamite technology

sE Electronics DM3 compact in-line DI box

sE Electronics have announced the release of the DM3, an in-line active DI box that features the same compact form factor as their DM1 Dynamite and DM2 TNT microphone preamplifiers.

An input is provided on a locking quarter-inch TRS socket, and presents an input impedance of 10 Megaohms. The unit also features sE’s Dynamite technology to ensure maximum signal quality when using instruments with low-output pickups. A three-pin XLR connector then delivers an output which is provided by a Class-A buffer amplifier.

sE say that the DM3 has been built to handle the high levels delivered by the hottest active pickups, keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers or laptops, and that the device is even capable of accepting the output of a 10,000W solid-state power amplifier! A recessed pad switch provides 15 or 30 dB of attenuation, and a three-stage ground lift switch is present, featuring a unique On+ setting, which has been designed to reduce not only unwanted buzz and hum, but also hiss and undesirable radio frequency interference noise.

The DM3 connects directly to mixers, stage boxes, or interfaces with no extra cable needed, and simply requires +48V phantom power to operate, consuming 3.8mA of current. Frequency range is quoted as an impressive 10hZ to 120kHz between -3dB points, and the device measures just 95.5 x 20 mm (length x diameter). It even comes supplied with a custom sE quarter-inch plug keychain, allowing users to keep it by their side when not in use!

Pricing & Availability

The DM3 is available now, priced at $129 MSRP€119.

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