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Sequential Take 5 v2.0 software update

New features, effects & doubled preset count

Sequential Take 5 portable analogue polyphonic synthesizer software update new effects presets

Sequential have released a free v2.0 software update for their Take 5 polyphonic synthesizer, delivering a range of new features and enhancements and doubling the size of the instrument’s Preset and User memory locations.

A new Envelope Repeat feature allows users loop sections of the instrument’s envelopes, making it possible to create complex evolving sounds, whilst an LFO Slew function smooths over waveforms in order to create more organic and musical modulations. Sequential say that both of these new features are particularly useful for creating ambient, drone and experimental sounds.

A new Lo-Fi effect has also been introduced with the update, which emulates the sound of time-worn analogue tape machines. Control is provided for wow and flutter, tape drive amount and playback head azimuth, with the effect capable of producing everything from a subtle gritty character through to much more extreme “busted tape deck” sounds.

The update expands the Factory Preset bank with 128 additional patches created by some of the world’s leading synthesists and sound designers, with the included sounds ranging from classic analogue-sounding patches to modern, cinematic soundscapes that will sit comfortably in contemporary productions and scores. The number of User memory locations has also been doubled, with and additional 128 spaces now available for user-created patches.


The update is available now as a free download to all existing Take 5 owners.

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