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Sequential unveil Trigon-6 Desktop Module

New module version boasts MPE support

Sequential Trigon-6 six-voice analogue polysynth three-oscillator ladder filter MPE desktop module

Released in 2022, the Sequential Trigon-6 combined many of the features that helped to make the company’s Prophet-6 and OB-6 so popular. Today, the company have announced the upcoming release of the Trigon-6 Desktop Module, which packs all of the instrument’s functionality into a more compact form factor, along with some additional MPE support.

The new module boasts all of the same features as its keyboard-equipped sibling, with three oscillators per voice offering triangle and sawtooth shapes along with variable-width pulse waves, and the switchable two- or four-pole ladder filter with dedicated drive and feedback controls that allow the instrument to blend between “silky and smooth” to “bold and crunchy” with the twist of a knob.

Despite housing the same architecture, the new desktop version isn’t simply a compact version of the original instrument, though. The company have implemented a range of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capabilities that offer a wider variety of expressive performance opportunities, meaning that those with MPE-capable controllers will be able to manipulate parameters such as pitch-bend, filter cutoff, amplitude and other modulation functions on a per-note basis.

Sequential Trigon-6 six-voice analogue polysynth three-oscillator ladder filter MPE desktop moduleThe Trigon-6 Desktop Module offers all of the same functionality of its keyboard-equipped counterpart, but with added support for MPE-capable controllers.

“Desktop module designs continue to be a popular choice with our players. We spent a little extra time on MIDI polyphonic expression capabilities as we finalised this one, in anticipation of people pairing it up with some of the awesome MPE-capable controllers on the market. We’re looking forward to hearing what people will do with it!” - David Gibbons, CEO of Sequential

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: 559 x 215 x 115 mm (length x depth x height)
  • Weight: Approximately 4.95kg

Pricing & Availability

The Trigon-6 Desktop Module is available now, priced at $2499.

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