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Royer Labs reveal FlexBar dual mic mount

Offers more movement than standard stereo bars

Royer Labs FlexBar stereo mid-side ORTF NOS XY dual microphone mount bar

Ribbon mic experts Royer Labs have announced the launch of the FlexBar, a new multi-purpose mounting bar designed to position two microphones in a variety of different configurations. The design features a pair of L-shaped arms that can be locked off at different angles, offering a more versatile microphone positioning solution than many existing stereo bars.

Royer Labs FlexBar stereo mid-side ORTF NOS XY dual microphone mount barThe FlexBar's moving arms offer a more versatile mounting solution than many alternative stereo bars.In addition to accommodating commonly used coincident and near-coincident arrays such as  X-Y, Blumlein, ORTF, mid-side, NOS and more, the additional movement provided by the FlexBar’s locking arms allow it to be used for tasks such as dual-miking a performer singing and playing acoustic guitar, or miking the top and bottom of a snare drum using a single stand. Each of the arms feature engraved gradient markers with a 1cm spacing, allowing for accurate and repeatable setups.

The bar is made from aerospace-grade aluminium, and sports a non-reflective black finish. It has been developed alongside Triad-Orbit, and is compatible with all of the accessories designed for their modular microphone stand range [reviewed here in SOS July 2016]. The Triad-Orbit ball-swivel adapter, for example, can be used between the base of the FlexBar and a microphone stand to offer even greater adjustment.

“Rick Perrotta (President of Royer Labs) and Triad-Orbit put their heads together on this unique mic mount system and it turned out to be even more versatile than we had originally planned. There’s a lot of functionality and versatility in the FlexBar, going well beyond traditional stereo bar setups, and we think audio engineers will find it indispensable once they’ve set one up.” - John Jennings, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Royer Labs

Pricing & Availability

The FlexBar is available to order now, priced at $199.

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