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Royer Labs announce $499 ribbon mic

New R-10 passive ribbon microphone launched

Royer Labs have just announced a brand new passive ribbon microphone at an extraordinarily low price. The brand new R-10, built in Burbank, California uses the same element found in the acclaimed R-121 active ribbon mic and is designed for studio and live use, say Royer.

According to the product description, the R-10 can handle up to 160dB SPL at 1kHz. That’s partly thanks to the David Royer custom-designed transformer which is intended to minimise saturation at high SPLs. It also features a three-layer windscreen system to protect it from air blasts and plosives, a shockmounted transducer and a mic mount. 

While the Royer sound is legendary on electric guitar, the company are saying that this is suitable for brass — capable of handling close-miked trumpets, trombones — as well as drums room situations, vocals and acoustic string instruments.

We look forward to trying it out as soon as we can get our hands on one.

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