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Royer Labs FlexBar stereo mid-side ORTF NOS XY dual microphone mount bar

Royer Labs reveal FlexBar dual mic mount

The FlexBar features a pair of L-shaped arms that can be locked off at different angles, offering a more versatile microphone positioning solution than many existing stereo bars.

Royer Labs R-121 25th Anniversary ribbon microphone Distressed Rose finish

Royer launch R-121 Anniversary ribbon mic

Royer Labs have announced the release of the  R-121 25th Anniversary, a limited edition version of their flagship microphone which sports an eye-catching new finish.

Royer Labs R-10 Hot Rod ribbon mic anniversary limited edition

Royer launch R-10 Hot Rod

Royer Labs' 25th anniversary version of the R-10 boasts some subtle visual tweaks and a custom transformer that offers an increased output level. 


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