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Tascam update Sonicview consoles’ firmware

Introduces new features & functionality

Tascam Sonicview 16 24 digital mixing console firmware update

Tascam have announced the release of a major firmware update for their Sonicview 16 and Sonicview 24 digital mixing consoles. As well as introducing some new functionality, the v1.4.1 update also promises to simplify the operation of both units.

A number of operability improvements have been made, with users now able to assign the mix and master module’s graphic EQ processors to the faders for direct, hands-on control, whilst new routing capabilities make it possible to select any input or output and an insert send and return path.

Continuing with control improvements, the following functions can now be operated by User Keys, a footswitch or the console’s GPIO input:

  • Solo mode (PFL/AFL)
  • All buttons on the built-in recorder/player
  • Direct playback function of the internal player (track number selection and playback)
  • Insert on/off status for each module
  • Routing to the stereo bus on/off for each module
  • Mute on/off for each module

A new screen-paging function has also been implemented, making it possible to use User Keys, a Footswitch or GPIO to switch pages in the Monitor/Solo tab of the Monitor Setup screen, as well as the Information, Send Overview and Snapshot screens.

A new clocking option has been added, which makes it possible for the input signal of an installed AES/EBU expansion card (the IF-AE16) to be selected as the reference clock, and a System Reset function allows all settings to be restored to the factory default, if required. Tascam say they have also implemented a range of bug fixes and stability improvements.

The company are also releasing a v1.4.0 update for the Sonicview Control application, which adds remote control capabilities for the newly introduced console features, and a v1.11 update for the IF-MTR32 multitrack recording expansion card which offers increased stability when carrying out overdubs.


The v1.4.1 firmware is available now, and can be downloaded from the Tascam website.

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