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STL Tones’ upcoming ControlHub Tracer

New Trace Exchange library also announced

STL Tones ControlHub Tracer model your own hardware software processing chains plug-in

STL Tones have announced the upcoming release of ControlHub Tracer. Said to be the company’s most innovative product yet, the addition to their all-in-one modelling channel strip software makes it possible for users to replicate their own hardware and software processing chains for use within the plug-in.

Released in May 2022, ControlHub uses STL Tones’ Tracing Technology to capture the characteristics of any piece of gear, or entire signal chains, creating accurate models of them in a single channel strip-style plug-in. Over 1400 presets are available, with the software and its expansion packs providing users with access to recreations of gear and settings from a range of world-class engineers including Tom Lord-Alge, Lu Diaz, IRKO, Jeff Juliano, Will Putney and many more.

With the release of ControlHub Tracer, the same technology is now available directly to the user themselves, meaning that they can use the plug-in to capture their own combination of preamps, equalisers, compressors, limiters and more, and have them replicated in software form within ControlHub. Step-by-step instructions are provided from within the software, guiding users through the process of routing a Tracer audio file through their desired signal chain and providing a final file which contains the resulting model.

Alongside the release, the company are also launching the Trace Exchange, an online library where users can share their newly created content with the rest of the ControlHub community.


ControlHub is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and higher, and Macs running macOS 10.9 and above. It is available in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

ControlHub Tracer will be available on 25 August 2023. It is a free update for ControlHub Pro and ControlHub Expansions subscribers, and there will also be upgrade offers for those who have purchased perpetual licences.

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