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Tascam TH-11 closed-back studio headphones

Tascam to launch TH-11 headphones

Tascam's latest headphones promise to offer a high-quality solution for everyday listening as well as standing up to recording or performance duties.

Tascam DR-10L Pro compact field recorder 32-bit floating point lavalier microphone videography content creation

Tascam launch DR-10L Pro field recorder

The DR-10L Pro combines a wired lavalier microphone with a 32-bit floating point field recorder, offering a simple and unobtrusive all-in-one dialogue recording solution.

Tascam TSQD-128A SD SDXC memory card optimised audio recording

Tascam release TSQD-128A SD card

Tascam's new SDXC card offers high read and write speeds along with improved long-term performance thanks to a built-in defragmenting feature.

Tascam SB-16D

Tascam release the SB-16D

This a 16-input, 16-output Dante-enabled stagebox has been designed to work with Tascam Sonicview mixing consoles.

Tascam Portacapture X6 four channel portable multitrack field recorder 32-bit floating point built-in microphones

Tascam unveil Portacapture X6

Tascam's latest portable recorder offers a built-in stereo mic array and two additional inputs which can all be captured simultaneously at 32-bit. 

Tascam Sonicview 16 24 SB-16D digital mixing console series Dante stagebox VIEW multi-channel USB audio interface live studio broadcast

Tascam to debut Sonicview consoles

Tascam's new Sonicview series consoles are equipped with a 54-bit floating point FPGA mixing engine, built in 32-bit/96kHz USB audio interface functionality, and Dante networking capabilities. 


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