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Skye Dynamics plug-in from Signum Audio

Features 3 processors — expander, compressor, limiter

Signum Audio Skye Dynamics

Loudness specialists Signum Audio have just released a new all-in-one dynamics processing plug-in called Skye Dynamics. Skye incorporates three distinct processors — an expander, a compressor, and a limiter — and is said to offer “ultra transparent” control of your audio.

Each stage offers a choice of five different envelope styles (Linear, Natural, Transparent, Smooth and Pumping), as well as an adaptive audo-release. You can also assign independent external side-chain signals to each of Skye's processors, for precise control of audio signal levels, and it's also possible to link multiple channels of Skye processing together, for dynamic control of surround and Atmos signals up to 7.1.4 channels.

The GUI has apparently been designed to make the plug-in easy and intuitive to use, with a fully resizable window, and adjustable scaling of the metering and envelope views.

Skye Dynamics is available now, priced at £69 for the stereo version and £99 for the surround/Atmos edition. A free 10-day trial is available, and Signum also tell us that they plan to release more music-specific plug-ins in future.

Check out the video below to hear Signum's new Skye Dynamics in action.

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