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Slate Digital introduce Transient Shaper

Offers frequency-specific transient shaping

Slate Digital Transient Shaper audio processing plug-in drum hits

Slate Digital have today announced the release of the latest addition to their Virtual Mix Rack module collection. Transient Shaper allows users to manipulate the transients present in their source material, and is capable of applying processing across the entire frequency spectrum, or targeting specific ranges thanks to the inclusion of a unique Focus control.

Slate Digital Transient Shaper audio processing plug-in GUISlate Digital Transient Shaper's GUI.A Transient parameter at the top of the GUI adjusts the gain of detected transients. The plug-in uses level independent detection, meaning that no threshold control is necessary, and it is possible to change the overall level of the source material without affecting the plug-in’s behaviour. A Warmth control follows, which applies some saturation to the transient before its level is adjusted.

A Sustain knob offers another gain control, but affects only the ‘tail’ of the sound that follows the initial transient. Focus sliders then allow the user to narrow the frequency range being processed by both the Transient and Sustain sections, with changes also affecting the side-chain signal used for transient detection.

The bottom section of the plug-in provides some additional control over its processing. A Time parameter adjusting the length of the transient that is processed (changing the control will also affect the Sustain knob), whilst a Makeup control allows users to apply some make-up gain to compensate for any level differences introduced by the plug-in.

A Stereo Link switch allows a summed mono signal to be used for detection on stereo sources, whilst a Listen button allows users to audition the transient or sustain sounds, or the combined output of the plug-in. A Safety Clip feature clips the plug-in’s output to 0dBFS, and finally, a Mix control facilitates built-in parallel processing.


Transient Shaper is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and above. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats are available. The plug-in is authorised via PACE’s iLok system; perpetual licences require a physical iLok dongle, whereas All Access subscriptions can be authorised via iLok Cloud.

Pricing & Availability

Transient Shaper is available now. It is included with the Slate Digital All Access subscription package, which costs $24.99 / month or $149 / year. An individual perpetual licence can be purchased for $149.

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