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SNAMM 2013: MXL CR77 dynamic mic (Video)

MXL release new dynamic stage mic with retro styling

MXL is best known for its competitively priced studio microphones, but their latest microphone could easily find a place on the stage. The CR77 is part of MXL's Black Chrome range and is a dynamic vocal mic for live applications.

MXL claim the CR77 has a bright modern tonality that belies its retro styling. The design incorporates a rivet-holed metal grille, that acts as a primary wind screen, as well as an internal wind screen, that should reduce even the most prominent plosives. The dynamic element is also shockmounted to reduce handling noise, which is especially important when cradling the mic in a more tender moment.

With its cardioid polar pattern, the CR77 offers good off-axis rejection which, on paper, makes it well-suited to a life on stage.

It is set for release later in the year and should retail for $169.

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