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Sonnox SuprEsser

New addition to the Oxford Plug-ins family
Plug-in manufacturer Sonnox (formerly part of the Sony Oxford group) have added to their range of RTAS, Audio Units and VST plug-ins. SuprEsser is primarily a de-esser, but can be used to eradicate other unwanted noises in an audio track, such as plosives or low-frequency rumbles.

At its heart is a responsive 1024-tap FFT display, which provides a detailed overview of the audio spectrum, but can be ‘zoomed’ to show a band of frequencies in more detail. Superimposed over the display is a red line that shows where the plug-in thinks the dominant frequency is between two selected frequencies, which are determined by the band boundary lines — also superimposed on the FFT display.

Inside the band boundaries is an intuitive, upside-down, triangle-shaped gain-reduction meter, which gives real-time visual feedback on the status of the plug-in. In usual Sonnox style, there’s detailed metering for input and output levels.

SuprEsser is due to ship in March, at a cost of £188 including VAT, and discounts are available when purchasing multiple Oxford-branded plug-ins.

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