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SOS author releases eBook for library music composers

A Composer's Guide to Library Music Available Now

This may look like a published book — but it is actually an eBook.

Regular readers may recall Dan Graham's SOS series on composing, arranging and selling library music for a living, which ran for 10 parts from SOS May 2017. (see Dan has now released an expanded and updated version of his series as an eBook, available from a dedicated web site, which could make a perfect birthday or Christmas present for the musician in your life (or your inner musician).

Topics covered include how to find decent work in the field of library music, how you make your money from a library music career (with an all-important explanation of the bodies that will ultimately pay you royalties and how they interact with you), how to hone your songwriting and compositional skills to produce the maximum amount of marketable library music, and how to cultivate good relationships with the all-important publishing companies and paying clients. There's also an invaluable section on what to do when things — as they inevitably will — go wrong.

The eBook is available now from the site below, priced at £15 / $19.39.

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