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Steinberg release Cubase 10

Latest pro version adds VariAudio3, HiDPI display, Audio Alignment and more

Steinberg’s Cubase has long been a favourite among certain composers and music production professional and with Cubase 10, there are a lot of features that are a result of user feedback, solving real-world music production problems. 

Auto Aligment is one such notable feature, exclusive to the flagship Cubase 10 Pro version, which is a tool that speeds up the process of tightening up stacked recordings — super helpful when you’re tracking lush BVs. Also exclusive to Pro is VariAudio 3, Cubase’s built-in pitch correction tool which enhances micro pitch editing as well as allowing control over formant shifts. For the mix engineer, MixConsole Snapshots allow the saving and recalling of a current mix within the mixer, so you can compare alternate mixes of a project as well — great for those times when you didn't know when to stop mixing your track...

REVerence, the convolution reverb in Cubase Pro, also now includes 20 new impulse responses, covering a range of vintage reverbs. On top of that, AAF import/ export has been added, along with improved workflows for editing to picture, plus the Steinberg Virtual Reality production suite that offers tools for producing VR content.

Added to Pro and Artist editions of Cubase 10 is Distroyer, a remarkable addition to the list of effects processors that infuses asymmetric distortion. Side-chaining has also been simplified, making setting up a sidechaining as simple as a few clicks. Since both editions feature the unique Note Expression capability, this has been expanded to support MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for multidimensional controllers.

Upgrades across all versions (Pro, Artist and Elements) include new metering elements in each module of the mixer, big improvements to Groove Agents SE 5 across both its interface and acoustic and electronic drum content. The audio engine has also been refined, now supporting 32-bit integer and 64-bit floating-point audio for recording, importing/exporting, and converting. Plug-ins have been redesigned and can now be dragged from the Media Rack and dropped directly into the project, creating an instrument track automatically, while the user interface supports HiDPI for high-resolution displays. A Latency Monitor lets you quickly and easily know exactly where — and how much — latency is occurring.

The additional content in Cubase 10 rounds out the extensive feature list: 5 GB of sounds and loops cover various genres, produced by renowned artists the likes of Florian Meindl, Rawtekk, Beat Butcha and many more.

All versions are out now. Pro will cost €579 boxed (€559 as a download), Artist will be €329/€309 meanwhile both boxed and download versions of Elements will come in at €99.99.

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