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Speed up hardware recall with Snapshot

Save hardware settings in your DAW with new plug-in

Snapshot, the new free plug-in from Non-Lethal Applications, is a simple idea, take a picture of anything you are using in your recording session and store it in the tracks of your DAW, even better it's free.

Snapshot was the brainchild of Russ Hughes, founder of the Expert websites and MD of Sociatech Ltd. It was then made a reality by Non-Lethal Applications owner Flo Loferer; Snapshot is capturing more than images but also the imagination of the professional audio community.

In just three days the plug-in has been downloaded thousands of times by users all over the world and has been praised as a moment of genius by some of the brightest names in the industry. Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Wurth says Snapshot is "simple yet brilliant."

The idea behind Snapshot is ingenious but straightforward: you take a picture of the outboard audio hardware you’re using in your recording session, and use Snapshot to store that image in your DAW.

Snapshot Features

  • Store images of outboard gear in any DAW
  • Resizable GUI (100% or 200%)
  • Add text notes
  • Adds no load to DAW session
  • Load images from local disks or Dropbox
  • Developed by Non-Lethal Applications
  • Supports AAX, AU or VST plug-in formats

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