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Stam Audio announce Pultec replicas

Six new hardware EQs planned for release

Stam Audio Pultec replica MEQP-1A MEQP-1AS EQP-1A MEQ-5 outboard valve tube equaliser clone

Stam Audio have announced the upcoming release of a pair of hardware equalisers that combine the features of two of the world’s most famous and sought-after EQ units, the Pultec EQP-1A and MEQ-5. Available in either mono (MEQP-1A), or stereo (MEQP-1AS) versions, the devices employ high-quality components throughout their signal path, and the company say they have spent several years developing custom transformers and inductors to ensure that the replicas faithfully reproduce the sound of a vintage Pultec. The company are also planning to release the EQP-1AS, a stereo-only version which omits the additional mid-range band.


All of the units feature a low-frequency EQ band which can be placed at either 20, 30, 60, or 100 Hz via a selector switch, whilst Boost and Atten (attenuation) controls allow users to dial in the classic EQ curves that Pultec units are renowned for. Another pair of Boost and Atten knobs are provided for the high-frequency band, but operate in a slightly different manner to their low-end counterparts: the Boost control's frequency is defined by a High Frequency switch which provides 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 16 kHz options, whilst an Atten Sel switch allows users to place the Atten parameter separately at either 5, 10, or 20 kHz. Lastly, a Bandwidth control is present to allow users to define the Q of both frequency bands.

Mid Band

The units that feature the additional MEQ-5-based mid-range band are, of course, equipped with some extra front panel controls. An Atten/Boost knob is placed in the centre of the device, and can be set to apply either a cut or a boost thanks to a Boost/Atten toggle switch placed directly underneath. Another frequency selection switch is also present (labelled Mid), and offers settings ranging from 200Hz up to 7kHz. Every control on each of the units is provided on a stepped switch, allowing for precise operation and easy recall of settings.

Pultec Plus

A Plus version of each model is available for an additional cost, and offers switchable output stages that allow users to choose between a valve stage, or a solid-state output that employs SA-2520 op amps. NOS (new-old-stock) valves are also available as an optional extra when ordering, and the company will also manufacture matched pairs of the mono units for those who would prefer to have two devices that can be used alongside each other for stereo duties.

Each model is built by hand by Stam Audio in Chile, and are subjected to 72-hour tests to ensure optimal performance before being shipped out. The company are so confident that their units will impress that they offer a money back guarantee, allowing customers who are not happy to return their unit and claim a full refund within 30 days of purchasing.

Pricing & Availability

Stam Audio say that the units are available to order now, with the first batch expected to ship in May 2023. There are some pre-order offers currently available, with pricing as follows:

  • EQP-1AS: $1790 (reduced from $1990)
  • EQP-1AS+: $1990 (reduced from $2090)
  • MEQP-1A: $1090 (reduced from $1290)
  • MEQP-1A+: $1290 (reduced from $1490)
  • MEQP-1AS: $1990 (reduced from $2390)
  • MEQP-1AS: $2390 (reduced from $2690)

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