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Steinberg announce Cubase 4

Latest update to popular digital audio workstation software
Don’t panic — Steinberg haven’t scrapped Cubase, they’ve merely dropped the SX, SL and SE designation from the name. Cubase is now available as either Cubase 4, their top-of-the-line version (costing £649.99), or Cubase Studio 4, a slimmed-down version that costs just £299.99.

But it’s not just the name that has changed: the software’s GUI has been overhauled to enhance navigability and make space for new mixer functions, and there is a brand new set of VST 3.0 plug-ins, including new dynamics processors and effects.

The full-blown Cubase 4 includes three new VST Instruments; we don’t yet have full details, but one of them will be a sample player called Halion One which comes with a variety of Yamaha-derived sample patches. Also in Cubase 4 is the Nuendo-derived Control Room monitoring section, which gives the user direct access to up to four separate headphone mixes, a talkback function, and speaker selection.

Elsewhere, Steinberg have updated scoring and notation features, added a workflow-enhancing database feature called Soundframe, and made Cubase compatible with Intel-based Macs. It’s early days still, so we don’t have much more information, but the new version should be available in October.

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