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Steinberg unveil Cubase System 2

Steinberg’s new entry-level recording package touches down
Hot on the heels of the Cubase System 4 hardware and software recording system, reviewed in the July issue (read review), Steinberg have produced an even more affordable package — Cubase System 2.
Priced at £299.99, Cubase System 2 includes the latest version of Steinberg’s Cubase SE audio and MIDI sequencing software and a two-channel USB audio and MIDI interface.
Cubase SE offers up to 48 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks, and while it may be Steinberg’s entry-level music production software, it’s based on the same technology as Cubase SX and SL and is not short on features. It’s indicative of the wide-ranging capabilities of today’s professional software packages that even Steinberg’s most modest and home-orientated application features 24-bit/96kHz recording, up to five insert and eight send effects per channel, up to 16 VST instruments, a video thumbnail track for arranging music for video, and VST 2.0 and Rewire support.
The package also includes ‘lite’ versions of five Steinberg VST instruments: The Grand SE, D’cota SE, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE, Groove Agent SE and Halion SE.
The compact MI2 interface (above) is powered by the USB connection and provides two unbalanced inputs and outputs, with a dedicated high-impedance input on the front panel, a headphone output and a MIDI input and output. Each input has a four-LED level meter and gain control, and there are main level and headphone level controls, plus a fifth knob which allows the user to mix the direct-monitored input signal with the monitor return.
Cubase System 2 is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP and Mac OS 10.2.5 and above, and is available now.

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