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Steinberg unveil SpectraLayers 10

Upgrade focuses on unmixing capabilities

Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro Elements 10 spectral editing restoration unmixing software

Steinberg have released the latest version of their spectral editing software, bringing a range of powerful new features and additional controls that promise to make editing faster and more precise than previous versions. SpectraLayers 10 introduces new unmixing functionality, improved speech recognition, enhanced editing capabilities and improved sound quality.

The software’s unmixing capabilities have been greatly improved in this latest version, with users of the Pro version able to separate tracks into six stems, which now benefit from dedicated guitar and drum processing facilities that include additional layers for kick and snare drums, as well as cymbals. A new Unmix Multichannel Content function has also been implemented, which analyses the relative power of specific sounds across multiple channels, and allows them to be extracted evenly from all of them. The Elements version of the software still features improved unmixing, but limits its use to vocal parts.

Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro Elements 10 spectral editing restoration unmixing software GUI interfaceMany of the processing modules in SpectraLayers 10 have been overhauled and offer higher quality results, and Steinberg have also enhanced the GUI.Enhancements to the software’s Reverb Reduction and Voice Denoiser processes offer improved vocal isolation and restoration results, and it is also now possible to extract multiple voices within an audio file to individual layers. Additionally, the software is now able to transcribe speech into nine different languages and display it as text on the timeline, a feature which promises to be a huge time-saver for those working in post-production. Reverb Match now works seamlessly alongside Ambience Match, EQ Match and Reverb Reduction, allowing for more detailed control over the level of ambient sound in recorded files.

Support for multiple VST3 plug-ins means that users are now able to create chains that consist of several effects, and it is now possible to import multiple audio files to quickly start a new project, or add additional layers to an existing one.Plenty of GUI improvements and enhancements are also included with the upgrade, including new layer colouring options, improvements to the feel of value sliders in all of the application’s parameters and new customisable keyboard shortcuts.

A full comparison chart detailing the differences between the Pro and Elements versions can be found on the Steinberg website.


SpectraLayers 10 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 11 and above.

Pricing & Availability

SpectraLayers Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Elements 10 are available now, priced at $299£257 including VAT / €299.99 and $79.99£68 including VAT / €79.99 respectively. Those who have activated previous versions of SpectraLayers Pro or Elements since 24 May 2023 are eligible for a free grace period update to the latest respective version.

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