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Studio Electronics SE-02 Ext Box — SynthFest UK 2018

Get greater tactile control over the SE-02 mini synth with new controller

The Roland Boutique SE-02 turned heads when it was released and not just because it was the first analogue device in the Boutique series of miniature synths. It was also, of course, the first collaboratively designed model, too. With a three-oscillator design, the SE-02 lent itself nicely to monophonic synth basses with dynamic filter sweeps. The only problem is that the filter cutoff knob is rather small.

In order to remedy that issue, and in response to customer feedback, Studio Electronics have announced the SE-02 Ext Box which filters a large filter knob for more tactile performance control, amongst other things. We discover more from UK Distributor Simon Lowther of MSL Pro.

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