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Summer NAMM ’16: Cymatic Audio uNode M42

Four-channel remote-controlled AudioLAN mic preamp

Cymatic Audio's uNode M42 offers four mic preamps/line inputs and two line outs along with MIDI I/O and connects to any AES67 AudioLAN or Ravenna-equipped audio mixing console or sound installation. In the home studio market, it can be used as a remote tracking interface which can be deployed a good distance from your host computer. Trailing a single RJ-45 network cable across your house or to a stage (in a live sound scenario) is significantly easier than trailing four XLRs. All parameters are remotely controllable from a smartphone/tablet app (Android, iOS, Windows, OS X).

Mix and match multiple uNode M42 units as needed, at any physical locations in your stage or installation that needs one. It is designed to work both free-standing on a stage floor or mounted securely in a rack. Street price of $ 499.

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