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Summer NAMM 2015: Wifo RemoFinger (Video)

Wireless foot controller for tablet musicians

This is really fun. So, we've all seen wireless foot controllers for iPad before but one of the things that people complain about is lack of cross-platform support. The RemoFinger from Wifo is a mechanical solution to the problem of controlling your iPad while playing an instrument. 

It uses wires with sucker pads, each containing a small device that replicates a finger touch. These are then wirelessly activated from a foot controller and the beauty of it is that it can be used with any capacitive touchscreen device. The latency seems to be pretty reasonable, providing your tablet is responsive enough. 

This is ideal for any situation where you need to switch on or off effects on a tablet during a performance or, alternatively, turn a page while reading music.

The wires and their dock (which clips to your tablet) both stow away neatley in the foot controller housing and the battery life is fairly impressive.

One limitation, currently, is that only single finger taps can be replicated, but it's still rather a neat idea. They've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it into production. If you want to get one for a heavily discounted price ($79), act fast. The full retail price will be $159 and they should be available later this year.…

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