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Synthogy release Ivory II Studio Grands

Ivory engine also updated to version 2.5 

Piano virtual instrument specialists, Synthogy, have announced the immediate availability of their fifth Ivory II collection, Studio Grands, as well as a significant update of the Ivory engine to version 2.5.

The versatile Ivory II Studio Grands features two exceptional pianos recorded in legendary studios — a Steinway B Grand Piano recorded at Power Station New England, Connecticut, and a Bösendorfer 225 Grand Piano, recorded in California´s Firehouse Recording Studios.

These two pianos are suitable virtually any genre of music requiring a piano, and, with an incredible up to 24 velocity levels, harmonic resonance modelling, multiple levels of soft pedal and release samples, plus many other features, this collection is worthy of a look. Its makers also say it delivers one of the most expressive and realistic playing experiences possible in a virtual piano today, which is quite the claim. Read more from Time + Space here.

The version 2.5 update, which now applies to all Ivory II pianos, introduces a series of new features. These include

  • Shimmer: a powerful new sound design feature that provides unique control over the decay/sustain portion of the piano note.
  • New Half-Pedal Controls to provide the flexibility necessary to make adjustments suited to your controller
  • Assignable MIDI Controls
  • High Resolution MIDI Velocity Response
  • PACE´s machine-based license authorization system as well as the traditional PACE iLok key. This means users have the option to authorize their iLok key, or authorise their computer directly without the use of the iLok.

The v2.5 update is free for all existing registered Ivory II customers and is now automatically included across all Ivory pianos.

Full details about Ivory II Studio Grands here.

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