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Tegeler Konnektor now available

Digitally controlled routing matrix with plug-in control out now

If you’re sick of patching and repatching your outboard gear, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur might have just the thing. Their new Konnektor is a digitally controlled 2U mastering matrix with a totally analogue signal path, and it’s available now.

The Konnektor is a practical solution for every DAW-based studio for integrating hardware outboard into your setup quickly and with total recall. Up to eight outboard devices can be connected by a Sub-D to XLR breakout cable and the order of each device can be changed by using a web client or accompanying Konnektor plug-in. The plug-in helpfully allows the signal chain settings of every device to be saved into your DAW project, meaning that your outboard device signal chain can be totally recalled in the order you desire.

The Konnektor also has an analogue LR-to-MS and MS-to-LR matrix that can be initiated via plug-in. 

Regardless of whether you’re mastering, mixing or recording, the Konnektor is an intriguing prospect for integrating outboard in a quickly recallable way into every session.

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