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TK Audio M/S Blender 500

500 series module offers parallel processing and mid-side encoding/decoding

TK Audio M/S Blender 500 parallel and mid side processor

TK Audio have announced the M/S Blender 500, a multi-functional parallel processing module and mid-side encoder/decoder for the 500 series format. A pair of inputs and outputs on the rear of the device act as the device’s main I/O, with a further two pairs on the front panel allowing external processors to be connected to enable parallel processing via a pair of wet/dry controls.

Three modes of operation will be available: Standard, Link, and M/S. In standard mode, the unit acts as two individual mono blenders. With the Link function engaged, the left blend knob will control both channels for easier matching of settings when processing stereo signals. when the M/S mode is activated, the left and right sends will be encoded into the mid-sides format, with the returns decoding the signal back to left/right.

A cue function is included to monitor either the left, right, mid or side signals (the M/S mode must be engaged to monitor the mid or side signals) by sending the selected signal to both main outputs. All of the M/S Blender 500s inputs and outputs are electronically balanced, and are capable of handling signals up to +26dBu.

TK Audio say that the M/S Blender 500 will be available in late June, with pricing yet to be announced.

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