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TK Audio to launch M/S Station

Parallel mid-side insert point & stereo width controls

TK Audio M/S Station parallel mid-side insert processor elliptical EQ stereo width monitoring

Swedish pro audio hardware manufacturer TK Audio have announced the upcoming release of the M/S Station, a new tool which has been designed to offer some useful processing and routing options for mixing and mastering applications. Occupying just 1U of rack space, the unit provides a parallel insert point coupled with a mid-side matrix, along with an elliptical EQ, stereo width processor and a useful monitoring section.

Insert Point

A stereo insert point equipped with a blend control allows external processors to be used in parallel with the signal passing through the M/S Station. Pressing the section’s M/S Active switch will engage a mid-side matrix, making it possible to apply different processing to the mid and sides elements of the signal, as well as using different external processors for each. A Blend Split switch then provides the mid and side signals with their own independent blend control. For maximum precision, the section’s Blend dials are stepped controls that offer 16 positions.

Elliptical EQ & Stereo Width

The unit’s Elliptical EQ allows users to sum all content below a set frequency to mono. It works by placing a high-pass filter in the sides channel, and applying phase correction to the mid channel to compensate for the inherent phase shift. There are 16 settings ranging from 36 to 302 Hz, and the section can be bypassed entirely, if required.

A stereo width processing section follows, and is equipped with a single Wide parameter that adjusts the amount of side information present in the stereo mix. At its lowest value, the output signal will be mono, with the highest settings resulting in an ultra-wide stereo image.

By default, the insert and EQ sections are linked internally. It is possible to remove four jumper connections inside the unit, which provides each section with its own individual balanced stereo inputs and outputs, allowing them to be used at different points in a signal chain.

TK Audio M/S Station parallel mid-side insert processor elliptical EQ stereo width monitoringThe M/S Station features stepped controls, offering precise control over all of its settings.

Cue Section

The final section of the M/S Station offers separate monitoring of left, right, mid and sides signals, as well as the parallel insert return signals. An EEQ switch also makes it possible to audition the low frequencies affected by the elliptical EQ section. The cue section itself is entirely passive, and uses relays to select and route the cue source.

Pricing & Availability

The M/S Station will be shipping in September 2023, and is currently available at a pre-order price of $2099£1499 excluding VAT / €1749.

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