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TK Audio release BC1 Ltd compressor

Popular stereo bus compressor receives upgrades

[Update 11/04/2018 21:49 BST: We talk to Thomas Kristiansson, the designer of the BC1 Ltd, at Musikmesse. Watch the video below.]

Swedish audio experts TK Audio are introducing a new version of their flagship bus compressor at Musikmesse today, dubbed the BC1 Ltd. This new version is the third version of the bus compressor — we reviewed the MkII back in 2012 and were very impressed — and adds several user-requested features, including the new 'Grab' setting. This adds a more obvious compression character, useful for the drum bus or just for making your mix sound ’snappier’. This is in addition to the usual transparent mode that BC1 is famous for. BC1 Ltd is being launched in celebration of TK Audio's tenth anniversary with only 100 units being made available, all individually numbered.

The BC1 bus compressor was the first product ever to emerge from the TK Audio brand in 2008, and it has remained the company's most popular unit. 

The BC1 Ltd also adds a THD switch which "adds a bit of crunch and tasty overdrive” say its makers. In order to avoid the ever-dreaded pumping effect created by bass-laden instruments, there are now three switchable high-pass filter options for the sidechain signal.

Lastly, new Attack time settings have been added to the BC1Ltd to make the unit useful in even more situations.

Units are already being shipped out to dealers worldwide and carry a list price of $1489£1162.

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