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Town House studios closing

UK institution closes doors and auctions gear
London studio complex the Town House is closing down. Opened in the 1970s by Richard Branson, the Town House became part of the EMI/Virgin Studio Group, before being absorbed into the Sanctuary group in 2002. The Town House was widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest studios, hosting an incredible list of artists, from Ash to Zappa, and top engineers including Bob Clearmountain, Tony Platt, Hugh Padgham, Cenzo Townshend and Mick Glossop.

Commenting on the closure, Tony Platt commented: “Numerous great studios have disappeared over the last few years as the music industry turns its back on its heritage. Music plays such a huge part in our lives and yet we now treat it as another disposable commodity, while the people and places that create it are relegated to the scrap heap. I find that sad”. Mick Glossop remarked, “I am deeply saddened by this closure especially as I was one of the original designers and chief engineer of The Town House Studios, and a regular client throughout the 1980s and 1990’s.”

The reason for the closure was, at the time of writing, unclear, although unconfirmed rumours point to it being a money-saving exercise by Universal Music Group, who currently own the complex.

Of course, the loss of the Town House is incredibly sad, but if the story has a positive side, it is that the gear from the studios is to be auctioned off in April. Over 1000 lots of studio equipment will be up for grabs to the highest bidder, and all items will be documented on-line by MJQ, who specialise in pro audio equipment auctions.

Visit for further details. Auction details will be on-line during April.

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