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TRNSTR expansion for Zampler & Akai MPCs FREE

Celebrate 909 day with a free sound library

TRNSTR for Zampler RX & Akai MPCs

To celebrate 909 day, German Beat magazine has released TRNSTR, a free sound library featuring the sounds of the iconic Roland TR-909 and TB-303 instruments. There are two versions available: as a sound bank for the freeware Zampler RX virtual sampler or an expansion for Akai MPCs. The download also includes a variety of presets from

Containing 20 bass instrument patches and 11 drum kits, TRNSTR is made from a set 780 audio samples (328 optimised for the Akai MPC version) in 24-bit WAV files. The high-quality samples have been recorded through a TLA 5021 valve compressor, sampled through an MPC2500 and then further enhanced with ‘gritty hardware tools’. All samples are ready to load as a sound bank in Zampler RX or as an expansion for current Akai MPC models.


TRNSTR is available now as a free download from the Zampler Sounds online store.

Compatible with: Zampler RX and Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live MkII, Force, Studio, Touch, Renaissance, Key 61, MPC Software & MPC Beats.

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