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Ultrasone Pro 900

Hi-tech headphones
Ultrasone do one thing very well: headphones; and the new Pro 900 closed-back model, entering at the top of their range, shouldn’t dissapoint. If you’re unaware of Ultrasone, they have a novel approach to headphone design using a technology called S-Logic, which they claim “allows you to hear and listen to each and every individual sound”.

Ultrasone’s S-Logic headphones have off-centre drivers that channel sound towards the outer ear, instead of directly into the side of the wearer’s head, as with conventional headphones. Ultrasone say this gives a sound that, without artificial processing, resembles that of a pair of speakers some metres away. The system has other benefits, too: because the sound is being directed at the outer ear, the sound pressure levels at the ear drum are reduced by up to 40 percent (around 3-4dB).

The Pro 900s have 40mm titanium-plated drivers capable of delivering frequencies between 6Hz and 42kHz, according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications. Their impedance is 40Ω, meaning they can be driven by almost any headphone amplifier, and they have mu-metal shielding, which will prevent any electrical emmission from the drivers reaching other equipment.

As with other Ultrasone headphones, their earcup pads are replaceable (a spare pair is included), and there are two different cables: one coiled and one straight, each terminated with Neutrik connectors. A quarter-inch-jack to mini-jack adaptor also ships with the headphones, and the whole bundle packs down into a neat, hard-sided carry case.

For more information on Ultrasone’s headphones, check out the ‘technology’ section of their web site. The Pro 900 cost £335 in the UK, and $599 in the USA.

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