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Universal Audio’s latest UAFX pedals

Latest pedals feature new compact design

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Universal Audio have announced the launch of four new additions to their UAFX guitar pedal range. The 1176 Studio Compressor, Evermore Studio Reverb, Heavenly Plate Reverb and Orion Tape Echo each offer authentic emulations of sought-after vintage processors and boast a more compact form factor than the line-up’s previous offerings.

1176 Studio Compressor

The first of the new pedals accurately models the circuitry of an 1176LN Limiting Amplifier, offering Input, Output, Attack and Release settings that are completely true to the original hardware version. A three-way toggle switch provides access to three operation modes: Single, Dual and Sustain, promising to equip users with decades of classic guitar effects. For those looking for a more extreme, aggressive compression character, the pedal’s Ratio control also includes a setting for the famous ‘all buttons in’ mode. True or buffered bypass options are available, and the 1176 Studio Compressor also offers a parallel compression mode.

Evermore Studio Reverb

The Evermore Studio Reverb offers UA’s take on digital hardware from the late 1970s and promises to deliver classic-sounding grainy ambient trails and modulated reverb sounds. Room, Small Hall and Large Hall programs are selectable via a three-way toggle switch and can be shaped using accurately-modelled Bass, Mid and Treble decay controls. Some “early digital” textures can then be introduced using the pedal’s Mod control, and the overall effect balance can be set using a Mix control. There are short and long pre-delay options, along with selectable true or buffered bypass modes, and the pedal is of an analogue dry-through design.

Heavenly Plate Reverb

With digital reverbs taken care of, the third pedal turns its attention to the mechanical variety, offering recreations of three plate devices sourced from The Plant Studio. Selectable Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark and Modern Full plate options offer a variety of different tonal options, and the pedal’s Decay and Mix controls are joined by Pre Delay, EQ and Mod controls to sculpt the effect’s overall sound. The Heavenly Plate Reverb again features a switchable true or buffered bypass and offers an analogue dry-through signal path.

Orion Tape Echo

As its name suggests, the fourth new pedal emulates a vintage tape echo device, specifically, the Maestro Echoplex EP-III. UA say that they have perfectly captured the sound of the original’s preamp, with the results promising to offer users a range of fat, boosted tones and effects. Increasingly aged sounds are available courtesy of selectable Mint, Worn and Old tape types, whilst a Wonk control introduces modulated repeats and interesting tape splice sounds. The preamp emulation can be switched on or off, and the pedal offers the same bypass functionality options as the other new additions to the range.

Pricing & Availability

The new UAFX pedals are available to order now, with pricing as follows:

  • 1176 Studio Compressor: $199
  • Evermore Studio Reverb: $219
  • Heavenly Plate Reverb: $219
  • Orion Tape Echo: $219

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